2023 Transportation Pickup/Drop off Locations

Here are the pickup and drop off locations at present. Times will be added once available. Thanks to NTS/Horizons for all their support!

West Side Route
Time TBDLocation
Veterans Outpatient Clinic
Ladd Library, 3750 Williams Blvd SW
Westdale Court Apartments
Lary A. Nelson Center
Mental Health Access Center, 520 11th St NW
Salvation Army
Arrive at Veterans Memorial Coliseum
East Side Route
Time TBDLocation
Dollar General (East Marion)
Azure Apartments
Dollar General (South Marion)
VA Community Resource Center,
Oakhill Manor
Willis Dady Shelter
Catholic Worker House
Greene Square Park
Geneva Towers

Return rides for both shuttles depart Veterans Memorial Building at 1:30 pm (13:30), and stop at these same locations dropping off people as needed.

Cedar Rapids city buses are not charging fares and may be a good option for some people for rides to or from the event.