VALOR, Inc. Welcomes Hawkeye Labor Council

VALOR, Inc. has partnered with Hawkeye Labor Council on a very special project this year.

Hawkeye Labor Council is assisting us in providing funds to purchase sleeping bags and tents for our homeless Veterans.

Prior to the Flood of 2008, local Veterans Services had stored up to 500 tents and sleeping bags in the Veterans Memorial Building. After the flood, all those items were ruined and have yet to be replaced.

Through our current partnership, Hawkeye Labor Council and it’s affiliates have stepped up to help us fill this critical need.

As the Iowa winters become more unpredictable (and colder), it is even more important that we are prepared for what a 2015-2016 winter might bring.

Our VALOR, Inc. Board is honored and very grateful for the participation of Hawkeye Labor Council in filling this need.



Fundraising Specialist