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2016 Updates

Happy 2016 Everyone! Our 10th Annual Five Seasons Stand Down broke some new records. Twenty-four businesses, organizations and individuals donated $10,170.87 in cash contributions. In addition, 26 businesses, organizations, and individuals contributed in-kind donations valued at $119,954.06, which included $107,041

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Understanding, Serving Veterans’ Needs

Today’s guest editorial in the Cedar Rapids Gazette comes from our own Five Seasons Stand Down Board President, Don Tyne.  Don Tyne is also the Director of Linn County Veteran Affairs. Don has worked diligently and tirelessly to shed light

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Fact Sheet: The Impact of Mental Illness on Veterans and their Families

As I was researching material for a presentation this coming week, I came upon some fact sheets that highlight statistics regarding mental illness and it’s impact on Veterans and their families. The numbers are staggering! Each month 950 Veterans attempt

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Barriers To Homelessness

  I thought it might be helpful if we understood the Barriers to Homelessness a little better. Most often there is more than one barrier affecting how or why a person becomes homeless. It seems to act like the “domino effect”. Once

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10 Reasons Homeless People Sleep Out In The Cold and Die

I was reading an article the other day called “10 Reasons Homeless People Sleep Out in the Cold and Die“. I knew some of the reasons, but had no idea that in larger cities, those who hold jobs can’t always

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